Taking easy class in summer

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Nov 14, 2023
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This summer, I'm planning to take Genetics, but I've been thinking about taking an intro Art class as well. This is a notoriously easy class, one that you can get an A+ without attending a single lecture. I was wondering whether any med schools might look at this unfavorably as some kind of GPA booster. The thing is, I'm not taking this just for a small GPA boost. That certainly doesn't hurt, but to use my university's on-campus gym (which is free) in the summer, you have to be registered as a full-time student, which means taking minimum 7 hours (Genetics: 4; Art: 3).

I could register for a more "legitimate" 3-hour class, but I plan to use the summer mainly for research, volunteering, and getting my EMT training done. The genetics class only takes up 90 minutes a day Monday-Friday in the morning, so I still have a lot of time on my hands to do other stuff. If I added a more time-consuming class, I doubt I'd be able to effectively contribute to everything I'm involved with. Is taking this class ok, or should I just stick to Genetics?

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Take the easy class (as long as it interests you); med schools don't really care about the specific rigor of which classes you took/didn't take, as long as you took the pre-reqs and did well in them.
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Take the easy class. Get the A, don’t overthink it. Pre reqs are hard enough as it is. Don’t take extra difficult courses.
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There are no bonus points or slack for making things harder on yourself. We may give you sympathy for having to work to pay your tuition or overloading your schedule, but in the end, your grades matter. It's not a prereq, so don't sweat over it. Take the harder class if your transcript shows you have been skating by and not challenging yourself.