1. JEwLz0550

    Cancellation of PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Exemption Program

    Hello - Is anyone else frustrated about ASHP's removal of the PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Exemption Program? I want to file a petition in efforts of reinstating this program. To access petition, please click here: https://chng.it/wrg44LX7sx ASHP used to have a PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Exemption...
  2. MEMBER23511

    Midyear 2019 ASHP

    Anyone interested in a dinner or lunch meetup during midyear? I would love to meet people from different schools.
  3. O

    NON-PPS Fellowship programs?

    Hello All, As we may or may not know. Most fellowships and residencies are apart of the "PPS" Personnel Placement Services of ASHP Midyear.. I wanted to create this thread to hopefully get some fellowship programs which are "non-PPS" (which do exist...) meaning we do not need to participate in...
  4. F

    cshp seminar vs ashp midyear forum???

    I was wondering if anybody has thoughts of each conferences? Thanks!
  5. Slippers

    Should you stay for the entire ASHP midyear (Dec 4-8) if you are interested in residency?

    Since the actual residency showcase in December 5 and 6, would it be of benefit to stay from Dec 4-8, or is it okay to just go to midyear for those 2 days? I know there is a *chance* that a residency program director could potentially invite you to a reception after the showcase. And of course...
  6. E

    ASHP's BCPS Pharmacotherapy Recertification anybody?

    Hey there! Anybody's enrolled into ASHP's BCPS Pharmacotherapy Recertification e-learning at eLearning.ashp.org? What's you impression or this recertification option? Are the exams afterwards hard to take? Thanks! Edita