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    I need a physician to interview for an assignment

    I just transferred from another college and I had to take this class called New Student Experience and I need to interview someone who is working in the field in which I'm interested in. I need a physician who can answer a few questions, it will take only a few minutes. Thank you!
  2. L

    Pepperdine MA or MFT classes, assignments, workload

    Just wondering for a full-time professional who is going back to school, what are the MFT/MA classes at Pepperdine like? Are the assignments mostly reading and writing? Are there multiple choice exams as well? Are the classes more experiential or more academic based (reading, writing, exams)? If...
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    Army Getting stationed together w/ spouse's non-military med residency- Anyone have any experience/tips?

    My wife and I are both graduating in 2018. I'm army dental HPSP, she is non-military medical residency (family med). We looked at what duty stations would be best for her to apply to a family med residency nearby. I'm pretty sure I find out in December, but she finds out in March. Has...
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    Info about class requirements/hw in DS?

    Hi Everyone, this is my 1st post here, so please be kind :) Thanks in advance for your responses! I've been following other threads and have come to understand that coursework in DS consists of attending lab/lectures and studying like crazy for frequent exams. BUT then I came across a post...