a.t. still university

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    General Admissions & OTCAS A. T. Still acceptances

    hi! I’m on the waitlist for A. T. STILL Univeristy in Arizona. I was wondering if anyone has experience with their waitlist and how likely it is to get in! Or if anyone has a spot they do not plan on accepting.
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    A.T. Still University @ Missouri Campus

    Hey guys, Just curious what you all have heard about the A.T. Still University School Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health program. I know it is fairly new, so I wasn't sure if anyone had anything good or bad to say. Thanks!
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    ASTU - DPT Interview 2015

    Hi, I am just wondering has anyone heard back from this school for interviews? From what I have heard, they are currently interviewing early acceptance students first? Also, if you have interviewed with them, what were your prerequisite information? Thank you! University: Major: Overall...