1. Jake12344321

    Can their be schools considering my application?

    Hi, I am a Canadian ( Quebec) former paramedic ( it is a college degree here, but not university). I have a 3 year bachelors degree in social sciences with a 3.77 gpa, it would go to 3.82 if the 3 worst grades where taken off. I do not have the traditional science prerequistes but I have work...
  2. T

    So I've done the basic premed things: what else can set me apart?

    Hi all and thanks in advance for the feedback, So to start off, my dream school is the Uniformed Services University. The average GPA of matriculants is 3.66 and the average MCAT is a 32 (old), with about a 6% acceptance rate. I've already done the general pre-medical stuff and I am looking...
  3. D

    Atypical applicant : Advice for next year

    Hello folks, I've realized this is a terribly long post, so I'm going to condense some info at the top for those not willing to get to know the whole story. sGPA : 3.0 // oGPA : 2.95 // Worked 35hr/wk all through undergrad // transfer student // Evil courseloads // Dec. 5 DAT (first) : AcAvg...