1. ckwsnik

    anyone else balancing a chronic illness and school?

    After being misdiagnosed for several years I finally have been diagnosed with Lyme disease and ankylosing spondylitis. I'm wondering if anyone else balances school and their illness? I'm finding it difficult to continue in school and even questioning my ability to be a dentist with this chronic...
  2. D

    GWU Post 2/13/2016 Interview

    From what I've heard, GWU usually gets their acceptances out pretty early, approximately a week post-interview. Has anyone heard back yet from their interview this past Saturday, 2/13/2016? I know it may be a little early but just figured I'd check! Best of luck to everyone in this stressful...
  3. SALLS23

    Switch back into Pre-pharm? Yay or Nay?

    I need some honest opinions here. So in 2011 I was in pre-pharm at a local Purdue campus. I completed a lot of the pre-requisites but didn't finish the most important ones like organic chemistry, biochem, and immunology. I had a sudden fear of loans and school and switched my major. Before I...