1. D

    Life sciences Major

    What can you do with a life science major if you dont get into medical school? What would be a potential back up plan? what about a general science major? I am currently a biology major but planning on changing it because this major consists of difficult classes that are hard to take to...
  2. S

    I need help deciding my major...

    I'm currently a freshman double majoring in Biochemistry (BA) and Music Performance (BM) and honestly I don't have any time at all to do anything, ever. I need more time because I commute (1.5hr commute one way) and I'm away from home roughly 14 hours a day, 3 times a week, and around 8-10 the...
  3. Z

    Medical school backup plan/alternative

    Hi SDN, I want to know what are alternative careers/ plans for someone who didn't get into medical school. Are there any careers that have patient/ provider interaction rather than working in a lab. I was thinking about genetic counseling but I was told there are no jobs in my region. Thanks!
  4. C

    Those who left 1st careers - if you can't get into med school, what's your backup plan?

    Hello fellow Non-Trads. For those of you who had / have substantial first careers in another field and left to pursue a post bacc and spend years preparing to apply to med school.... What was / is your backup plan if you didn't get into any med school? (2-4 year gap on resume can't easily be...
  5. nopuedodecidir

    Chem or Biochem Major for Drug Design as an MD/PhD or as a med school backup

    Hello, So, I'm a premed at Cornell who primarily intends on going to medical school, but would like to have a solid backup plan that I would enjoy in case things don't work out or even something that I could do as a physician-scientist. I think that what I would be most interested in doing is...
  6. RedDevil202013

    Backup plan for dentistry

    Hey there! I was just wondering if you guys on here have a backup plan if you don't decide to pursue dentistry after all (cost too much, takes too long, etc.) I am currently A biology major and was thinking about minoring in Business Administration during my senior year if I did not want to...
  7. S

    My chances? Back-up plan advice/recommendations?

    Like many I am worried about my current medical MD and DO application cycle. I just submitted my application and my transcripts are waiting to be reviewed. My concerns are due to my low MCAT score (which I took only once due to taking it August 28th) and the "late" submission of my application...