1. M

    Foreign student in the Middle East: best option between RCSI, Weill Cornell Qatar and colleges in India (highly competitive relatively)

    Hello everyone! I am new to SDN, so pardon me if I’m posting in the wrong forum. I am student looking for a pathway to doing residency (and finally practicing medicine) in a primarily English speaking country (UK, US, Canada, Aus) (English is the only language in which I have a degree of fluency...
  2. C

    RCSI Bahrain 2017 ENTRY

    Anyone here joining RCSI Bahrain this september?
  3. J


    Is anyone here applying/applied to RCSI Bahrain for sept. 2017?
  4. TorontoMEDHOPEFUL

    RCSI-Bahrain (MUB) Post-Interview response

    Hey guys, Has anyone who applied to RCSI-Bahrain (MUB) heard back from them yet? I had my interview over a week ago and nothing. Patience is key, but is slowly killing me.
  5. P

    RCSI Bahrain 2016

    Anyone here applied at RCSI Bahrain for September 2016? I'm an American high-school student. I applied and I've already done my interview and now I'm just waiting on their decision. Has anyone received their reply yet and how did the interview go? If anyone has any questions for the interview...