barry university post bacc

  1. A

    Barry University BMS 2022

    Hey everyone! I haven’t seen any recent posts about Barry’s BMS program. I received my acceptance today but just wanted more feedback before making my decision. I was placed on the 2 year track. Is it possible to change it to a shorter one? What’s the average amount of students accepted into...
  2. M

    Barry University's MBS - Daily Schedule

    Hey there, First time posting here. Recently got accepted into the MBS Dental Track at Barry's University to start in May 2019. I'm curious to know how the class schedule is like. Is it daily from 8-12 or is it spaced out throughout the week. I'm just trying to figure out how often I will be...
  3. Doctah222

    VCOM/Bluefield VS PCOM VS Barry University

    I've been accepted to PCOM MSBS, VCOM/Bluefield MABS, and Barry University's MSBS, and I am wait listed at Tufts MSBS. After reading the comments on the entirety of multiple threads it has brought some light each program. I was wondering if anyone had any other input/opinions on which program...