1. P

    Positive Base Excess

    In a venous blood gas, when is a positive value for Base Excess ever used? I understand in general how many critical care physicians will use a negative base excess to indicate the presence of an acidosis, and maybe to help make a calculation for bicarb when that is indicated. But positive...
  2. M

    Nucleophilicity vs. Basicity

    From my (perhaps flawed) understanding... It seems like the same general factors govern nucleophilicity (kinetic term related to reaction rate) and basicity (thermodynamic term related to acid/base equilibrium position). Of course, the same molecule can act as either a nucleophile (nucleophilic...
  3. David513

    "pKw = pKa + pKb" formula explanation

    Hi guys, This may be a silly question, but I'm confused about the formula pKw=pKa+pKb (and I guess by extension Kw=Ka*Kb). My confusion came from an Examkrackers question asking "What is the pKb for HSO3-?" when given the pKa of H2SO3 (1.81) and pKa of HSO3- (6.91). The answer for the pKb of...
  4. I

    AF Available Base List/Dream Sheet

    I am just in the middle of my 3rd year of dental school currently, but wanted to get an idea of the "available base list." I know this is completely dependent on the year and obviously where there are openings, but approximately how many bases are available any given year? Is there any way to...
  5. C

    Can we ever use vitrebond (RM-GIC) liner and GI/RM-GI base together?

    Hello everyone! I have a question about dental materials- Is it possible to place a vitrebond liner (RM-GIC) and then GI/or RM-GI base on top? I know that they are not commonly used together but are they exclusive to one another....? Please help..... Thanks in advance!