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Can we ever use vitrebond (RM-GIC) liner and GI/RM-GI base together?


New Member
Nov 8, 2015
  1. Dental Student
Hello everyone!
I have a question about dental materials-
Is it possible to place a vitrebond liner (RM-GIC) and then GI/or RM-GI base on top?
I know that they are not commonly used together but are they exclusive to one another....?
Please help.....
Thanks in advance!


Articulating Disc Jockey
7+ Year Member
Jun 20, 2012
  1. Dentist
As in a closed sandwich technique? I'm sure you can. As in, I don't think any of the properties of the materials would prevent bonding between the two. However, the sandwich technique is used when you want the strength and aesthetics of resin on the outside of the restoration, and the fluoride-releasing GI on the inside. Using RMGI on the outside wouldn't be as aesthetic as just using resin. Plus, RMGI sets very quickly, which reduces working time and prevents the clinician from achieving great anatomy before setting. Sure you can finish with a 7404 on occlusal surfaces, but I like to get my anatomy shaped before setting. I haven't restored a class 5 with RMGI yet, but it takes me quite a while to achieve uniform convexity to match the contour of the tooth. If I had less working time, I wouldn't be able to make a well-contoured restoration.

I wish I remembered more from my dental materials class, but I can't recall anything else for the time being.

Maybe somebody can chime in with RMGI-enamel bonding vs resin-enamel bonding?

Edit: misread your question. Still not sure, hopefully somebody else knows.
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