1. I

    basicity of amino acids

    I was wondering why histidine < lysine < arginine are in this order of increasing basicity, if histidine has a more stable conjugate acid (protonated form) due to resonance?
  2. Auntymarkovnikov

    Aunty's Average DAT Breakdown (19AA/20TS/20PAT)

    Took the DAT this past Friday and was pretty bummed. I was hoping to score way higher but obviously that did not happen. I know my scores aren't bad but I put in so much work and thought I deserved better. (Studied from early June to mid-August) I'm considering a retake. Here are my scores: PAT...
  3. B

    PASS Machine Qbank for Basic Exam

    I've exhausted TrueLearn for the Basic Exam (remember most of the questions from when I took the ITE) so I was wondering if anyone else was using the PASS Machine Qbank. It seems more "basic" than TrueLearn at times but everyone says TrueLearn is the best (at least at my program). Am I wasting...
  4. P

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  5. Thepassageofgas

    Anyone retaking Basic in November

    You can reply here or PM me if you want to reply without advertising that you had to retake. Just wondering how you've been studying, and how you've been assessing your "readiness". I'm starting to get that sick, ears-ringing, incredibly-nauseated feeling thinking about the test. I absolutely...