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    Just got my email from BPS, I passed my BCACP exam!! Good luck to everyone!!
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    BCACP Spring 2020

    Hello everyone I am going to be taking the BCACP this upcoming spring..I have a couple of questions regarding on how to study I am currently using ACCP 2019 ambulatory care pharmacy preparatory review and recertification course: online book, online course, ce High-Yield Med Review BCACP Q-Bank...
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    BCACP Fall 2019

    Hello! Anyone planning on taking the test this fall?!
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    Questions on sitting/studying for the BCACP Exam

    Hey everyone! I have looked upon the posts on this board every since I was about to take the NAPLEX in 2016 so I appreciate all the help! This is my first time ever posting so I hope I can get some help of my own! I work in an ambulatory care pharmacy doing the pharmacy's MTM's, giving...
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    Selling BCACP study material

    I'm selling the materials I used to study for the BCACP exam. It is the 2015 ACCP workbook pdf's and 2013 and 2015 ASHP practice exams with answers and explanations. It's a lot cheaper than I paid for it and they were more than enough help to pass the exam this year on the first try. Let me know...