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    MD & DO WOLF PACC for live USMLE prep? Plz send help

    hello SDN - I'm new to the site & I need advice! I want to do a live USMLE prep during the summer between M1 & M2 years (Current MS1 at an allopathic school). The WolfPacc program was recommended to me, but then I read a bunch of reviews that seemed fake (both good & bad) & now I'm worried...
  2. F

    Florida Dental Board Prep and PRE PREP (ADEX FL,Hawaii,LV, Calif etc)

    Florida Dental Boards Prep Courses: THE ANSWER: Here is the answer to all your questions is the PRE PREP. Firstly, besides Florida the ADEX CDCA exam usually covers NV/Hawaii/Florida and California. Yes all the "wonder states" I have seen over the years many of you are asking questions about...
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  4. K

    Florida Dental Boards Prep ADEX Gordy vs Becker HELP!

    Hello! I'm an out-of-state dentist (2010 grad) looking to become licensed in Florida. I know I have to retake the ADEX exam including DSE and all patient portions. My question is whether anyone has updated information regarding the Becker course (Florida Dental Licensure Specialists --...