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Florida Dental Board Prep

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Mar 22, 2018
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Florida Dental Boards Prep Courses: THE ANSWER: Here is the answer to all your questions is the PRE PREP. Firstly, besides Florida the ADEX CDCA exam usually covers NV/Hawaii/Florida and California. Yes all the "wonder states" I have seen over the years many of you are asking questions about board preparation 5-10 day courses, and decided to take one of the highly publicized courses. I was surrounded by dental students, recent grads, specialists, dentist out of school for over 40 years both GPs and Specialists. Those poor specialists as well as over 50% of the other "students" were literally clueless before the course, and to be honest just little less clueless after the course. It appears that the failure rate for first time"takers" are between 25% to 50% failure rate. It was obvious what the reason was for so many failures. There was also a story going around that even the graduates of prosthetic programs in a Florida Dental school that 100% of them, including the Pros Grads and instructors failed the first time in Florida. Because of this, I decided to put together a AT HOME PRE prep program for the ADEX CDCA boards . I, who during the course found that most of the time I was helping some of the most desperate of attendees from dental students to Specialists to dentists in the over 65 category. Lost is not a good place to be when you have 5-7-10 days to prepare for something that is , yes totally foreign to you: not to mention how to deal with the stress not only on the board test weekend, but in the board prep class itself!!! In my humble opinion it is clearly not enough! In my experience, over 2 or 3 of the 8-10 courses, I saw/experienced extremely little to "no hands" on help or direct supervision. I created a system to have you far more prepared than you can imagine. Everyone is different, of course, and everyone needs different amounts and different approaches to attack such an endeavor, which is why I STRONGLY recommend you first take our PRE Prep programs. Once you finish your specific "designed for you" PRE Prep program, you can decide if a prep course , and which prep course is right for you. And when you do you will be a "pre pro, instead of a "deer in headlights" You can choose any of the prep courses you think sound good, but PLEASE don't take one without our PRE Prep. Here is our link If you have any questions don't hesitate to connect Leave a message for a return call Have time to talk when we return your call, you won't regret it!!! 1-888-490-9898 (let ring till the recording comes on) Please go to this link for details: Dr Craig Brown, Founder Expansive Medicine Florida Board Prep/PRE PREP

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