1. Foxxy

    Finding my way back to school

    Hi there! So I am a retired art student haha at 23. So quick story, I did not want to go to college right after HS because I had no clue what I wanted to do. My parents forced me so I decided to major in Fine arts at the local community college. I did all right, had an internship in Disney...
  2. D

    INTERNATIONAL, 3.93/ 514, just got my score, WHAT NOW?

    Hey everyone, Typical beginner here, also I'm overseas and very far from my prehealth office, so I can't run to them for help. I got my MCAT score last night, and so far I have shortlisted about 20 schools, and begun my AMCAS. The committee letter is currently being written by the prehealth...
  3. Hesgaroth

    Book to offer to a beginner?

    Hello everyone, I know my question is a bit special but I hope it's not a problem, I found nowhere else to ask it. Well, I know nothing about veterinary medicine but my girlfriend is really passionate by it and would like to become a vet, but for the moment she is only 16 and so too young to...