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    Belmont School of PT Early Decision

    I am trying to decide if I want to submit my application as "Early Decision" to Belmont University or wait and submit my application as a regular submission, at the later deadline. I am curious to hear from people that got accepted into Belmont, specifically, accepted when applying Early...
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    Where should I go: UofA or Belmont?

    I'm looking for some advice on deciding between University of Arizona (Phoenix campus) and Belmont University. I'm from Arizona but I don't really want to stay here. If I did go to UA it would be under the belief that transitioning to other areas of the country wouldn't be difficult. I'm not...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's East Coast

    I am applying to mostly South East/Midwestern programs. I've seen a lot of people posting about programs past Texas and Nebraska (towards the West), what Eastern programs are y'all applying to? Im applying to: Murphy Deming College of Health Science - waitlisted 10/6 Belmont University -...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Accepted to WUSTL, Boston, Belmont? What were your stats??

    Hi all! I'm currently preparing to apply to grad school next summer and I'm trying to gauge where I'm at competitively. If you've been accepted to WUSTL, Boston, or Belmont (my top 3) recently, what were your stats? Also, did you receive scholarships? (I'm hugely worried about money). I've been...
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    General Admissions & OTCAS Admissions Chances

    I have been reading through these posts for months but just now decided to finally join and post my own question. I am applying for schools now and obviously am worried about my chances of getting in (like most people). Can someone give me some honest opinions on how my application will stack up...
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    Belmont DPT, UNC, VCU, ODU, Shenandoah, Elon, Arcadia Pros/Cons

    Hey everyone! I just applied to these schools and was wondering if any current students or alumni could give any insight on these programs? If you could go back and make a different decision, would you? Or would you recommend the program? Thanks!
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    what are my chances? Should I retake my GRE?

    Hey! I'm currently in the process of applying to a lot of schools: Baylor, Miami (my undergrad), Duke, Belmont, USF, UCF, UF. I took my GRE today and wasn't pleased with my scores. I got a 159V and 155Q. I know I could have done a lot better on the quantitative portion I just got really nervous...