1. Lil’King

    Biomedical Engineering adding to Med School Class Diversity

    I am trying to brainstorm ways in which a student with a bachelor's in Biomedical Engineering would add to the diversity of the medical school class in a positive way. In practice, it could be beneficial to assess the clinical relevance of novel medical devices, technological integration, or...
  2. P

    Is there a list of residency programs/hospitals with great maternity leave benefits?

    I'm looking at this stuff very far in advance, but having a family is so important to me, so I'd like to have some sort of idea where the female-friendly programs are. If there is a list somewhere, can you please link it? If not, any ideas yourself?
  3. acal1100

    2016 Pharmacist Job Offers [ Financial Details ]

    Been holding out, but finally got an offer (so excited)!!! Realized I lack perspective, thus was hoping for insights. Whats the average yearly full time pharmacist salary now a days? I was offered ~$120k/yr Whats the average sign on bonus / inconvenience of having to move bonus? I was...
  4. S

    CVS vs Publix benefits

    Im an intern for CVS right now, anyway, I want to know the financial benefits of cvs vs publix or any other retail pharmcy. CVS: Currently for me I can do a ESPP which I can buy stocks at 15% discount up to 15% of my paycheck. My 401 they will match up to 5% of my paycheck. I live in Florida...
  5. rlin656

    Questions for current/past Walmart Pharmacist (2015)

    Hi, I am currently a P3 student and also currently interning at a Walmart pharmacy. I would like to work for Walmart in the future, but would really like to know certain things about what Walmart offers pharmacist compared to others. Amount of years currently worked at Walmart...