1. M

    Emory vs UF vs Georgetown

    UF Pros -Cost: CoA is significantly cheaper 50K -Great Fit, all current students seem very welcoming and easy to get along with. -Very good match list, but perhaps the weakest of the three. Interested in a competitive specialty. - Administration seems very supportive and mentorship seems...
  2. O

    what schools take your best DAT scores?

    I was just wondering what schools take the best scores from your DAT tests? Thanks!
  3. 3

    Perio Programs Overview

    I know this question gets asked a lot but I haven't seen a recent thread giving an overview of different programs. OMFS programs are usually overviewed more in depth on SDN, and I'd like to start that for perio. Can anyone give insight into your perio residency or what you have heard about...
  4. RichardSwiss

    Best Dental School?

    Procrastinating D2 here, just thought I'd get opinions on the best dental schools in the U.S. just for fun :laugh: This can include the best specialty programs as well as heavily biased opinions... It's all for fun! Thanks!:horns::horns::horns:
  5. Andrew dentist

    Which '' Game of Thrones '' Character Has The Worst Teeth ??

    LETS Get The Game Started Guy i want you to Tell The name Of the Worst Teeth character & Why you think it is the worst among them all and Post a pic of him/her reflecting your opinion from the show Lets get the Wheel rolling
  6. D

    Worst and Best Interview or Admissions Process 2018

    Interview seasons is behind now and the stories are still fresh. I am hoping this would be a semi-light-hearted kind of thing to get some thing off the chest/vent maybe. Worst 2018 goes to University of Tennessee in Memphis closely followed by Mayo in Rochester. UTHSC was the most...
  7. P

    PhD/PsyD What are the best APA-accredited Counseling Psychology PhD programs?

    Hello, I am wondering what the best APA-accredited Counseling Psychology PhD programs are. This question is arbitrary because "best" can refer to a number of qualities that make an APA-accredited Counseling Psychology PhD program great, such as the amount of high-quality publications that...
  8. A

    MCAT study materials general consensus

    Im planning on taking the princeton review ultimate course, 123 hours of instruction + 7 prep books. I was looking for books with dense material coverage and I heard from people that princeton review covers topics really in depth. Also I have friends who used princeton and scored pretty well...
  9. freedoctor17

    Help Interpreting Practice Full Length Scores 1 month out

  10. X

    Best Way/Book to Study for PCAT

    Hello All, I've heard and Kaplan and Dr. Collins are the best for PCAT studying, however I can't seem to find Dr. Collins study guide anywhere. Is it still relevant/ being sold? Additionally, what would be a good length of time to study for the PCAT for? Thanks.
  11. Tastemyrage

    Need Help on Deciding Schools!! 3.9 GPA 25 AA

    Hey guys (and gals!), So I've submitted my application to 2 schools (UF and NOVA since I'm a florida resident) and I'm about to submit to University of Pacific. Besides these three schools I'm really undecided as I would LOVE to be in an actual city (San Francisco *sigghhh), but money is also a...
  12. drdamon

    Pre-Pharmacy Program at University

    Hey guys, I am a Junior in high school and wanted to know the best schools for pre-pharmacy? I've been doing a lot of research but always seem to have different results. I am looking for a university that will help me do my best on the PCAT, and by the time I'm ready to enter pharmacy school...
  13. B

    Yet Another Schedule (ideal if you are aiming for January and starting today)

    With so many people posting schedules, I figured it would be a good idea to post one while pointing out that if you are aiming for the MCAT this January, then it's time to dive in head first. This schedule is ideally for the people who have gotten our books recently (or have them on the way)...
  14. bobtheweazel

    Podiatric College Appeal Index

    UPDATE: I've added the 4-year graduation rate into the equations, updated cost figures, and made two separate overall indexes—a quality index which is independent of cost and an appeal index which is dependent of cost. I've been trying to find an objective comparison of the podiatric colleges...