1. Franzliszt1

    Writing more =/= better (secondaries)

    Dear SDN, Hope you are all doing well. How do adcoms feel about secondary applicants who haven't maxed the character limit. My intuition is that more does not always equal better...
  2. S

    Kaplan vs Uworld, What competition?

    I, like many medical students, used the internet as a resource when trying to determine what study materials to use when studying for the Step exams. In doing so, I came across the Kaplan vs Uworld Qbank debate multiple times. I only used Uworld for Step 1 (ended up with a 259), and I also used...
  3. T

    Why do local dentists hire Temple over Penn/NYU due to clinical skills?

    Hello SDN. This is first post of mine and please excuse English as is not first language (Singapore). I have been shadow practice in Pennsylvania and New York for past three months. Five doctors told me that they do not hire Penn or NYU new completed students. Only Temple, but sometimes Pitt or...