1. Aisreb

    Residency Match: bias?

    I am an incoming MD student in the fall, and am making my final choice for the institution I will attend. I was wondering if there’s any in-state bias for residency matches. i.e. Will I necessarily have a greater chance of attending a California residency if I attend a California Medical school...
  2. D

    OOS Bias Against Texas Residents

    ORM TX Resident (3.95 sGPA, 3.96 cGPA, 518 MCAT) 23 MD, 23 secondaries, 6 IIs (TX only), 3 Rs (OOS only), silence from everywhere else. All secondaries complete mid-late July. Should I expect any OOS interviews at this point? All OOS schools were Top 30 schools. I've been hearing more about how...
  3. T

    Interview attire questions: engagement ring and hijab style

    Hi everyone, I'm a woman who wears hijab and also has been engaged for more than a year. I wear a simple diamond ring on my left hand, and swap between wearing my headscarf the "classic" way that looks obviously Muslim and a style that is more like a head-wrap (showing my neck). I'm a...
  4. S

    Med school admissions is biased?

    I found this research study shared on facebook earlier today and I'm not sure if I feel like the data is obvious or if I should feel surprised. I know most of my friends want to go to med school because of money so I guess that part is not surprising but some parts of it did surprise me, and I...
  5. hopefulgatordoc

    Political activities on application? Help or Harm?

    I know this question has been asked before, but they're all pretty old and considering our current political climate I wanted some updated opinions. I'm passionate about politics. I spent quite a bit of time canvassing for the Hillary for America campaign. I regularly participate in activism...
  6. DrChef94

    McGill friendly US med schools