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  2. M

    Research interest vs. clinical specialty

    Hello there, Kind of random topic, and I haven't posted much so forgive me if I had put this in the wrong location. I'm a veterinary / PhD student with a background in computer science, and bioinformatics. I'm considering applying to a residency program (after my internship of course), but I'm...
  3. T

    Computational Biology/Bioinformatics in PhD Portion of MD/PhD

    Hello. I've been strongly considering getting an MD/PhD. My current interests are in computational biology/bioinformatics, and image analysis/illness representations. I consider Radiology and Immunology to be particularly strong specializations to augment my research, which would mostly be...
  4. idontwantnoscrubs

    Technology Informatics!

    Since you clicked, you either wanted to know more or already do about informatics. If you're a coder, biostats guru, have experience in health informatics or bioinformatics, please send a message or reply below! I'd like to create a community of health professionals in informatics. There...
  5. Yamhead

    Does moving NoVa Community College severely damage my application?

    I'm a freshman at George Mason with a 4.0 GPA so far and I'm moving to North Virginia Community College Annandale because of financial complications for at least 2 semesters. Of course, after the 2 semesters at NoVa, I'd go back to George Mason. How bad would it be, disregarding grades because...
  6. H

    MD/MBA Testimonials for Newly matriculating MD student

    I know there are multiple threads about this but they seem to be quite general. I was wondering if anyone could provide a testimonial on their experience as an MD/MBA. This post is specifically for those who got into medical school and then decided to possibly do their schools Dual Degree...
  7. D

    Genetics vs Immunology?

    This is a pretty question: I was wondering which class in your opinion had more interesting and/or easier concepts: Immunology or Genetics and what you liked about your choice? I need one more elective for graduation and both classes seem interesting to me. I would like to take it easy for my...