black men

  1. N

    Any Advise would be greatly appreciated !!!

    Hey I am an Black pre-med at a top 20 undergrad institution. I really worried my GPA is too low for MD schools, currently at a 3.4. I am taking the MCAT in January but from my practice tests I think I have been getting better, I currently score in the high 510's consistently on the practice...
  2. Lion84

    Looking for Black/African-American friendly Residencies

    Hi! I just started 3rd year and I'm looking for Black friendly residency programs in Radiology. I'm married with 2 kids and I've got a pretty good application: GPA 3.8, Step 1 233 (no step 2). I did research at Yale & I'm published as a co-author of the study I worked on there, I also anticipate...
  3. M

    MCAT DOs and DONTS

    Hello everyone, this is my first forum, and after years of looking at everyone else's post that weren't exactly answering my question,... I decided to ask my own finally. 1.) I am a Junior in Biology minor Nutrition Pre- professional. I am currently taking the MCAT in June on the 29th and have...
  4. A

    Seeking Black Male Athletes (Current OR Former) Participants- Win a $25 Gift Card

    I am a Ph.D. candidate currently conducting a study for my dissertation exploring race-related stress among current and former D1 college level Black male athletes. Participation is voluntary and can be terminated at any time. At the end of the study, you will be given the option to enter a...
  5. F

    Okay I'm tired of living in uncertainty. I want some truth

    Hi everyone, I am a rising senior biochemistry major at Loyola University Chicago. Pertaining to this thread, I am a black male raised in the inner city. I've been doing undergrad research working in a chemistry research lab on campus since second semester sophomore year (4 semesters now) and I...
  6. DoctorDrewOutsidetheLines

    Did anyone hear about this young brotha?

    Apparently he's only 18, calls himself Dr. Love and owned and operated a medical clinic illegally. If he's smart enough to do all that, why can't he get himself into medical school?! See, this is why mentors are needed. Now he's a criminal. Doubt he'll ever get into medical school...