bowling green

  1. Jericho_334

    University of Kentucky: Main Campus or Bowling Green Campus??

    Hi all, As most of you know, you have to decide which campus you want to attend on the secondary application when applying to the University of Kentucky School of Medicine. I am torn between the main campus in Lex and the BG campus. Has anyone visited both? What are the pros and cons for each...
  2. d-dimer

    Rank these TY programs

    Bayonet Point TY in Hudson, Fl, University of Kentucky Bowling Green TY, Prospect Manchester TY in Manchester, CT, Suburban Community TY in East Norriton, PA, Athens Regional Medical Center TY in Athens, Ga, and Redmond Regional TY in Rome, Ga. Thanks!
  3. M

    University of Louisville (SOM) vs University of Kentucky (COM) Bowling Green Campus

    Hello. I am considering both the University of Louisville and UK Bowling Green Campus for medical school next fall. I am wondering if anyone has any insight on the pros and cons of each. Louisville is the more established campus, while UK Bowling Green is in its first year next fall. However...