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    New Here, I don't want braces. Is there a better option?

    Hi everyone, I live in the San Diego area and I am looking to try out some of those clear plastic braces (not sure what they are called) instead of going the traditional route of metal braces. Does anyone have any additional resources about this or know the cost, maintenance of going this...
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    Cost of dental work during school (Texas!)

    Hi guys! I'm currently leaning towards either UTSD Houston or UTHSC San Antonio and was wondering if anyone could shed some light onto getting dental work done while in school and the costs associated. For simple fillings, cleanings, whitening but also potentially getting veneers, braces or...
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    Braces in residency interviews?

    Hello everyone, So I'm an IMG from Great Britain; I am currently in the process of sitting the USMLEs, in the hope of applying for a US residency in radiology. Aside from my ambitions in the medical field, I am also considering getting braces to correct some dental issues that arose in...