1. M

    Step 1 things to bring

    hello friends, I have a simple question: what items are you allowed to have in your personal locker during step one/what are you allowed to access during breaks. Specifically: am I allowed to bring homemade food or does it need to be sealed? Can I take medication during the exam freely, or...
  2. F

    Walgreens Break

    Walgreens put out this acknowledgement they want us to agree to: I agree to waive my unpaid meal break as provided for under New York law and Walgreens policies. I understand that by New York law I am entitled to a 30-minute unpaid meal break if I work more than six (6) hours during a shift and...
  3. orthogenes

    Step 1: preventing burnout. What do your breaks look like?

    What do your dedicated study period breaks look like for Step 1? Do you have a daily break or two? Or do you take a whole weekend day off? How do you keep yourself motivated and keep from burning out? My Qbank scores go down when I'm tired, so I know I need to change when and where my breaks...
  4. N

    Does anyone know where to find Walgreens stores by district?

    Walgreens did some re-districting during the past year. Does anyone know where I can find out which stores used to be in certain districts before things were changed. Greatly appreciated.