1. H

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Brenau University OTD

    Hi! I was just making a thread to see if anyone also got accepted into Brenau’s OTD program for fall 2021? I would love to connect with others and I don’t really know how I would find people who were also considering/planning on attending! :)
  2. LoveOTYKMe

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Brenau University MSOT

    Has anyone been accepted to Brenau’s Hybrid program for the Spring 2021 cohort?
  3. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Midwestern (AZ), Brenau, and Bay Path

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if any alumni or current/prospective students had any insight or opinions on Midwestern (AZ), Brenau University (Norcross), or Bay Path University. So far, I've heard back from one and am still waiting on the others. These are my top 3 right now and I just wanted to...
  4. W

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Brenau University MSOT Norcross Weekend 2017

    Hello! This is my first time joining any kind of forum so I'm unsure as to how everything works... but I interviewed with Brenau University back in June for their MSOT weekend program in Norcross (start: Jan 2017) and was told I should be hearing back in August on whether or not I was...
  5. TfDPT16

    Brenau Univeristy

    Hi, I have applied to Brenau Univeristy and was wondering if anyone had any information about accreditation. I know they are in pre-accreditation right now, but does any know what happens to their students if they were to not receive full accreditation at the end of things? Also, I'm open to...
  6. J

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Need advice on attending Midwestern, Brenau, or West Coast University. Thanks!

    Hi! I am wondering if anyone could offer me some advice or insight regarding choosing which OT program to attend. I interviewed and accepted a spot at Midwestern-IL. However, in the meantime I interviewed at Brenau and thought it went really well and just received an offer to interview at West...