1. L

    British/European medical degree

    So, I'm a junior in a US undergrad and will be applying to US medical schools next year but I would also like to apply to British and/or other European medical schools. Do you guys know how would I proceed for now on as an American citizen? The information I found online were not...
  2. Irishlady

    UK citizens who studied medicine outside the EU who are not exempt from the PLAB

    Greetings everyone, This thread is for all those unfortunate UK citizens who studied outside of the UK and EU in order to complete their medical degree. I am sure I am not the only one who was horrified to learn that any UK citizen that studied outside of the EU has to complete the PLAB and...
  3. T

    Texbooks for British medical education?

    Which medical textbooks are used in UK vs US? I am a second year medical student and I have microbiology,pathology,Clinical medicine and pharmacology next semester. My uni does not give textbook reccomendations and leaves that all to us. Ive heard of the usual stuff used in US on this forum and...
  4. A

    Any British Citizens Now Doing Residencies?

    Hey Are there any british students who are now doing residencies in the US, either from a UK med school or Caribbean med school? Or are applying to do residencies? Please could you tell me how you found the process of obtaining a residency and if there were any problems you had to overcome to...
  5. A

    Can Anyone Help?

    Hi Does anyone know of any british students in med school at any of the big 4 in the caribbean? Or any british students who have obtained residency in the US? Do you know of any issues they are facing or did face to get to where they are. How was finding a residency as a british citizen...
  6. A

    Calling All Previous And Current UK Caribbean Students!!

    Hi I am looking for UK Caribbean students who can tell me about their successes and/or difficulties in studying Medicine. I am particularly interested in experiences with the clinical years and matching for a residency. How hard is it for a UK IMG to match? And what issues may cause problems...