bu vs tufts

  1. Hazel-Smize

    BU AS versus Tufts IS? Which one would you guys choose and why? Need some serious advice!!!

    So I got the offer from Tufts and interviewed at BU and still waiting. Trying to pick one. Here's some of the information about these two programs. 1. Tufts program is 29 months long. Starts in Jan 2019 and you graduate in May 2021. BU program is 24 months long. Starts in late July 2019 and you...
  2. RandomChance

    BU MAMS vs Tufts BMS

    I have gained acceptance into both and I am dead stuck between the two! Some of the previous comparison threads I've dug through seem to be older - when the Tufts program wasn't quite as established, but anyway the two programs seem surprisingly similar: BOTH: - 2-year suggested...
  3. X

    BU vs Tufts vs Northeastern MPH

    I got accepted into all three MPH programs. Wondering what peoples thoughts are? Which one is better? I am looking to go into epidemiology...I also am hoping to do something in autoimmune disease research
  4. DrRickJames

    Deciding between BU and Tufts

    Hello all, I feel very fortunate to be in a position where I am deciding between these two schools and am looking for any information that the good people of SDN feel is important to consider when making this decision. I liked both schools when visiting and think I would feel comfortable at...