1. CyrusGolshi

    Please Help Me Decide BUSM vs UT San Antonio (Long)

    Hey guys, I am a California applicant that is currently deciding between either attending BUSM or UT San Antonio. I'm considering going into either orthopedics or dermatology, but to be honest, I'm uncertain and am open to exploring different specialties. UT San Antonio is really behind on...
  2. Melvillei

    BU vs OSU

    PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE Very grateful to be accepted to both schools but struggling to choose between them. BU was originally much more expensive, but I was offered enough financial aid to make total COA essentially even. Both would be far from home (California) and my eventual goal would be to...
  3. N

    Einstein vs BU

    Hey everybody. I feel fortunate to have some options for medical school but it has made my decision a little tough. I've sort of narrowed it down to these two schools and was hoping to get some advice. Another huge factor that plays into this is that my SO is also choosing. She is currently...
  4. LindaAccepted

    Medical Boston University School of Medicine Secondary Application Essay Tips

    BUSM’s MD Program offers students the opportunity to work with patients beginning in their first year of medical school. Students will receive their clinical training at the prestigious Boston Medical Center, which has the largest trauma center in the Northeast. Students also have the option of...
  5. P

    Texas Tech El Paso vs. BU

    Hi guys, I matched at El Paso (in-state) and gotten into BU. I am conflicted on which one to choose, so any advice would be appreciated. El Paso Pros: - Instate tuition - Integrated curriculum - Can learn medical Spanish in a class setting - Low cost of living - Exposure to a completely...
  6. WedgeDawg

    2016-2017 Boston University Application Thread

    Space reserved for prompt. Please post the essays or lack thereof (in addition to word or character counts) in this thread and tag me and/or @Ismet and we'll update the OP. Good luck to everyone applying!
  7. T

    Boston University vs Alpert Medical School (Brown) vs Einstein

    Hello! I'm very lucky to have been accepted at these three great schools and I can't seem to make up my mind. Any advice would be much appreciated! I'm currently a senior at BU, grew up in NYC (originally from Brooklyn!), and have a number of scattered interests including biomedical research...