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Dec 19, 2019
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Hey everybody. I feel fortunate to have some options for medical school but it has made my decision a little tough. I've sort of narrowed it down to these two schools and was hoping to get some advice.

Another huge factor that plays into this is that my SO is also choosing. She is currently admitted to a school in Boston and is now on the waitlist at two schools in Manhattan (she would go to those two if admitted).

Einstein - $130k scholarship
-Patient population
-Good vibe on interview day
-It would be A LOT Cheaper. Lower COA and better scholarship.
-Good NY match list
-reputation might be a little lower?? I'm from the west coast so IDK, but I think the lack of an undergrad makes it a little less known.
-Location - I like the Bronx but would probably prefer to live in Boston.
-Stupid factor, but my mentors didn't really seem to be impressed at all when I got in and just figured it was a 'safety school' (Don't think that's exists with med school apps but okay).

BU - $40K Scholarship
-BMC has a great patient population but probably not as diverse as Einstein
-A lot of family there.
-Good match list
-SO already admitted to a Boston school.
-Reputation - I feel like it is higher just based on what I've heard, but it could also just be more well known.
-Location - I really like Boston and I have always wanted to train there. I also feel that going to BU would give me a better shot at Boston residencies.
-Overall, I feel that this was my favorite school before financial stuff got involved.
- Super expensive - the tuition is about 10k a year more at BU which basically equals my scholarship here. So, we are looking at about a $130k gap. Also, the cost of living would be higher.
- Didn't have a great interview day vibe, but was also really jet-lagged.

Ultimately, I would love to be in the same city as my SO but it kind of a difficult situation. She may not find out until after I decide on April 30th. I don't want to decide on Boston only to find out that she got in a NY school off the waitlist.

Although I really like BU, I also feel that the financial gap is too big to ignore. Does anybody have any experience getting more money from schools by mentioning scholarships from other schools? If so, how would I approach that?

Thank you everybody!! I appreciate your input!!!:)