1. Lifelong_Learner

    Debt-Free Doctor. What should I put my money towards instead?

    Hi all, I have been thinking about this for such a long time, but I didn't know who to reach out to. Background: I am a Kauffman Scholar, as well as an awardee of several other scholarships. Kauffman Scholars, Inc is a scholarship program built to give underprivileged urban Greater Kansas...
  2. T

    [buying] Kaplan online course

    hi, any fellow MCAT'ers out there looking to sell their online course once they are done with it? I have strong visual learning skills so looking in that direction. pls forward me yr email id :) if u r interested.thanx
  3. D

    WANTED: TBR Orgo and Chem

    Hi all, I am looking for the Orgo and Chem TBR sets for the new MCAT. Preferably minimally marked. Thanks!
  4. G

    BUYING: Berkeley Review MCAT 2017 Set

    I am looking to buy the full set of MCAT books by Berkeley Review. Looking for the latest edition of the book. Please PM if you have any.

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  6. S

    Selling Newest Collins Pcat

    Hi if you are looking to buy PCAT materials I have the most recent dr collins and some additional kaplan stuff. I'm willing to sell all of my materials for cheap. If you are interested message me.
  7. C

    NEED TPR HL Verbal

    I need this ASAP. Anyone have in any kind of working condition. Obviously the less marred, the better.
  8. D

    Looking for OAT DESTROYER 2016

    Looking to buy OAT Destroyer, Physics Destroyer (math destroyer as well, if available!) PM me!
  9. S

    Buying TBR (the updated version)

    Hi everyone, I'm buying the TBR set (updated version). Please do not offer me the old set. Thank you so much :)
  10. K

    Selling Dr. Collins! Ace dat PCAT :)

    Hey everyone! I just entered pharmacy school, so I won't be needing this PCAT review set anymore. The pages are in excellent condition! This is the 2014 PCAT study material, and coming in knowing pretty much nada, I ended up taking the PCAT just once on a whim after a month of reviewing. Some of...