1. a_zed24

    Syrup preparation -calculating the free water

    Hello there, I'm having a hard time understanding the following problem taken from the textbook "Ansel's Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Drugs Delivery Systems, 9th edition": Preservation of Syrups Syrups can be preserved by (a) storage at low temperature, (b) adding preservatives such as...
  2. J

    Quick TPN question

    I saw a question asking me to calculate flow rate to deliver a certain number of calories/day. The TPN solution was listed as 1.2kcal/mL +40g AA/L. My question is, does the 1.2kcal/mL include the calories from the amino acids? Or do I have to add in those 160kcal (an additional 0.16kcal/mL)...
  3. N

    GPA Calculations for Transfer Student

    Hi guys!!! I wanted to know how medical schools calculate the GPA of transfer students who attended schools with two different grading scales. My first school had the A/B scale and my current one has the A/A- scale. What's really confusing me is how I go by calculating my overall GPA from both...
  4. jamesdt

    Advertisement Free beta access to new pharmacy calculations study tool

    TL;DR Sign up for free beta access at practicepharmacycalculations.com Hey I'm a new user here (first post ever), but this seemed like a good place to share what I've been working on lately, and I'd love some help from the sdn community. I've been developing a service for practicing...
  5. Dr. Li

    how does AADSAS calculate GPA

    Dear friends, I have an WU and an F on my transcript, but I already retook all of them and received A for both classes. When AADSAS calculate my GPA, are they going to count my WU & F into my overall gpa or count the two A instead? thank you very much!
  6. P

    SDN 120 calculation ANSWERS

    Does any one have the actual correct answers to the SDN 120 calculation problems for the NAPLEX review? I suck at math and have a feeling I will not pass this exam :( HELP ME
  7. S

    GPA Calculation for UCs

    Hello all! A quick question that I'm sure has been asked before - if I'm at a UC school where the quarter system is used, how is this reflected in GPA calculation? Say I get an A in a quarter-long course worth 4 units and a B in a semester-long course worth 4 units at a community college. Does...