1. W

    For people who took the DAT

    I'm getting kinda worried about not having a calculator provided to us during the exam, or at least that's what i heard. They say they only provide a basic calculator for only the "quantitative reasonining" section. How do they expect us to answer questions from general chemistry that require...
  2. Dr. Li

    whats the calculator look like on DAT?

    Dear friends, Can someone already took the DAT tell me what the calculator looks like on the real exam. Can it calculate combinations or the probabilities? (for example C(6, 4) or P(6, 4) )
  3. ayjaystudent

    I've improved the AMCAS/AACOMAS GPA Calculator Spreadsheet

    Click the link below to view the improved GPA Calculator, and then search (using CTRL+F) for the word "calculator" on its webpage: https://www.reddit.com/r/premed/comments/5gc2ri/welcome_to_rpremed_heres_our_faq/ EDIT (01/25/2020): The calculator has been moved to Reddit since my SDN account...
  4. W

    DAT calculator and break D-Day in 2 days

    Can you use the numerical keypad and functions on the keyboard. Is the break 15 or 30 minutes? I have seen both lengths.
  5. B

    Question about arithmetic on DAT QR

    Hi all, I've worked through the QR section on DAT Destroyer and a few practice QR exams in Math Destroyer. As of now, I'm taking some of the QR quizzes from Chad's website and I notice that all 3 have basic arithmetic questions, usually concerning the square root of some decimal. I know the...