california board of pharmacy

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    Potential CPJE California Board of Pharmacy Hearing

    Hello fellow students and pharmacists. I’m starting a thread here to collect interest around a “project” I’m working on with a local CA congressman and his staff to hopefully bring forth a pontenial house committee hearing on the California State Board of Pharmacy and wrongful/unjust practices...
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    Retaking CPJE in Nov. 2018 -- Please help!

    Hi, all. New member here. Took the CPJE in Sept and barely failed. Attempting again in November. Any advice? November exam more difficult than other months? What to study and what not to study? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Getting licensed in California (frustrated and confused)

    Hi everyone, I am trying to figure this out and it's been confusing...or rather complete mess. If anyone has been through this process, please give me some advice. I got a job offer in California and I am graduating this May (Texas school). Has anyone ever applied for an intern license in...