Retaking CPJE in Nov. 2018 -- Please help!

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Oct 17, 2018
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Hi, all. New member here. Took the CPJE in Sept and barely failed. Attempting again in November. Any advice?

November exam more difficult than other months? What to study and what not to study?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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What did you use to study the first time? I took the exam on 10/19 and hope to get my results any day...but I’m so worried I failed so I’m looking at how to approach studying differently IF needed. Maybe the online courses?
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How are you able to retake so quickly? Isn't there a three months wait? Been awhile. Studying for the cpje too. Still waiting for them to process my application.
Since 2017, the wait time has been changed to 45 days like other states finally.
I took CPJE in Sep also and failed. Sent a retake app in mid Oct and the check was cashed out on Oct 31st but no respond yet.
When did you send your app to BOP?