1. T

    On hold pre-interview and calling admissions

    Hi guys, I was put on hold pre-interview for my top school last week:(. Since I haven't had an interview yet I felt it was a bit premature to write an LOI at this point but I've pretty much made up my mind that I am going to call the admissions office this week to hopefully boost my chance even...
  2. can can

    Is it OK to watch medical TV dramas?

    I am a premed and the only time I watched any medical dramas was when I watched scrubs and grays anatomy in middle school. Right now I kind of want to continue watching grays anatomy and also this new show the good doctor, but I am scared exposing myself to these dramatized renditions will give...
  3. T

    Cold Calling for Shadowing

    Is cold calling a viable strategy for being able to shadow an internist? I don't have a doctor I know well near me, so I don't really have any connections that I can use to find someone to shadow. What other ways could I go about finding shadowing opportunities? Thanks for your help!
  4. Hillo

    Caring Criticism?

    In the past, people have discouraged me on my current career path by telling me something along the lines of "if you want to x and y, why not become a z." Sometimes I get a vibe of condescension/sexism from these folks, but I'm not sure if they are pointing out my naivety or simply trying to...