1. Flaw

    American vs Canadian Schools (undergrad & med school)

    As a Canadian looking to pursue medicine–with the ultimate goal of practicing in the US–would applying to an American school yield any significant advantage over doing my schooling here in Canada. My only fear is not being able to find work in the US if all of my schooling stems from across the...
  2. Lifeisheart7373

    Which Pre Med Major would be the best for someone who's going to start University as a 26 year old ?

    Yes I know, I am 26 year old who will be starting post secondary education soon. I am almost always depressed about it. I will be older than most people in my class who will be in their 18s or 19s. Reason for being a Mature student, is that after dropping out of high school I was depressed, now...
  3. S


  4. E

    Canadian Student Applying to US

    Hey guys, I'm currently going into my 4th at the University of British Columbia with a major in Biology and I'm a Canadian. My first year and a half in university was quite rough (in terms of my grades) and that has hugely set me back in my goal in getting accepted into med school. Based on what...
  5. W

    Chances at Canadian Medical School?

  6. LindaAccepted

    Medical 8 To-Dos for Canadians Applying to U.S. Med Schools

    Canadian Med School Applicants - Listen up! Each year, Canadian medical school hopefuls look across the border for their medical education. While there are obvious challenges (adapting to a different health care system, returning to a Canadian residency, and much higher costs), the higher...
  7. A

    Feedback on career, college, accelerated graduation?

    Hello! I'm a HS senior planning on pre-med. It's right around admissions decisions release time and I'm waiting on the majority of my schools still, but I've been less stressed compared to the rest of my class because I'm putting my priorities on going to a cheaper, less prestigious school to...
  8. B

    dental care and administration program ...!

    has anyone got any idea about dental care and administration program in confederation college, canada ?!
  9. P

    American Student Taking Premed In Canada

    Hi guys I am currently a high school sophomore in NJ. I know its is a bit early, but I would feel more secure knowing if what I plan on doing is actually possible. I love Canada and always wanted to study at school such as McGill in Montreal. A good amount of my family who lives in CA...