American vs Canadian Schools (undergrad & med school)


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Jul 18, 2021
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As a Canadian looking to pursue medicine–with the ultimate goal of practicing in the US–would applying to an American school yield any significant advantage over doing my schooling here in Canada. My only fear is not being able to find work in the US if all of my schooling stems from across the border.

If I stay in Canada, my mothers have guaranteed to pay for my tuition in full.

If I go to the US, I am on my own (and with the increased cost of school to go with it).

Since Canadian schools carry a fraction of the name recognition of their US counterpart, would I be limiting myself (e.g. networking, word-of-mouth, et cetera) by studying in Canada? I ask as university apps are near, so picking the right country within which to study is quite daunting haha.

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