1. scruffy821

    Thoughts on Northwestern’s CAP Program?

    Anyone here have updated insight into Northwestern’s CAP fellowship program? Impression of strengths or weaknesses? Any recent changes? I noticed that the PD and call structure seems to have changed since people last reviewed this program on SDN, and they seem to be getting competitive...
  2. S

    Position Available First-year CAP fellowship position available, July 2018, Northeast

    We are currently accepting applications for a first-year fellow position in our child and adolescent psychiatry training program, start date July 2018. If you are interested in a program that provides clinical excellence, teaching, and mentoring, please contact our program for more information...
  3. Y

    CAP fellowship - Cleveland Clinic

    Does anyone have information about the Cleveland Clinic child fellowship program?
  4. G

    CHOP child psych

    Hi guys, could you please share your thoughts on the CHOP CAP program? How well regarded is this program? What is the schedule of rotations? How busy is the program, does it require calls and weekend coverage? Thank you!