1. R

    Best 20K Car for accepted MD

    Graduated undergrad this year. 21yo. Working full time at a gap year job that’s paying ~50k/yr. So far this cycle I’ve thankfully gotten 2 acceptances so I’ll be starting school next year! Want to get a decent car for myself for around 20k and I’m stuck between a used Audi A6 or a used Camaro...
  2. D

    Registering my car in my old state

    Hi everyone! I did a quick search for this but if there is another thread out there I'd be happy to read it! I'm moving to Colorado in the Fall for vet school. I'll be shipping my car from Hawaii and I was wondering if anyone had any experience for that. I will be registering my car and getting...
  3. N

    True costs of *applying* to medical school

    I haven't been able to find a thread that directly addresses this so I'm posting but forgive me if this has already been discussed and point me in the right direction. Editing this for brevity. I've been told I need a car for med school, and haven't been able to save up much money for one. I...
  4. tdangie123

    Car for med school?

    Hey guys! I'm pretty new to sdn and I've learned quite a lot about how a career in medicine works out. I didn't even know what a DO was since visited here! Anyway I was wondering if people having a car in med school is a must. Leasing/buying a car costs $$$ and I'm not very a good driver cause...