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    How much endovascular training do Integrated CT Surgery residents actually get?

    A lot of the I6 programs seem to be marketing themselves as aiming to train cardiothoracic surgeons who are competent in both surgical and catheter-based skills. I'm wondering how much the residents actually get to do on their rotations with interventional cards, IR, and vascular surgery - are...
  2. H

    I want to be a Cardiac surgeon

    Hey all, first-time user poster on sdn - I followed the forum throughout undergrad and med school I matched 2018 into Gen surg program at a smaller mid-west program. Its a normal 5yr program, which allow years for research but hold it mostly responsible to the student to find funding. I would...
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    90 hours of physician shadowing in highschool. Waste?

    I shadowed a cardiothoracic surgeon (family friend) for 50 hours over 2 weeks in 11th grade. Later, in 12th grade, I shadowed a General Surgeon for another 40 hours, also over 2 weeks. Both were kind enough to provide me with a signed letter of proof. Would these hours be worth mentioning on a...
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    Neurosurgery - Cardiac Surgery Combined

    This question will be an odd one, but please answer the question rather than inform me of the obvious - it'd be practically impossible to accomplish. However ... I cannot decide between Neurosurgery & Congenital Cardiac Surgery. I am invested in and love both these surgical fields and wouldn't...
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    Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology Fellowship 2016-2017

    A place for interview and program chatter. Fellowship to start 2018.