cars prep

  1. E

    Asking for tips on CARS

    I got 17 out of 53, 21 out of 53, and then 28 out of 53, each of them a separate simulation mock test with different questions. I took a couple of cars questions in the past, and I heard ACT roughly correlates with cars for the ACT reading section, which i got 80s something percentile on which...
  2. F

    MCAT retake strategies

    SDNers, I took my MCAT (5/24) this year and received a score of 506 (130/121/126/129). Was happy with C/P and P/S, and scored lower on the B/B than expected. That CARS bombshell of 121 was obviously the most concerning since I had been scoring 126 on my last few practice exams before my actual...
  3. vikhloe

    For Sale TPRH verbal workbook

    Selling “CARS BIBLE” - TPRH verbal workbook No highlights or notes or marks. It’s the best and most classic practice for CARS section. Selling it for $145 (I initially bought it for $160). Message me if you’re interested!
  4. 11hd93

    For sale: MCAT EK Series, EK 101 Biochem Passages, PR CARS Workbook

    Selling EK Series 9th edition. It is highlighted and some all marked out so the quizzes and exams can be taken. EK 101 Passages Biology 1: Molecules - Biochemistry practice - Brand New. Never used. PR - MCAT 2915 CAR Workbook - 20 Passages and 4 CARS test. - first 5 passage highlighted but...
  5. C

    Anyone score completely different than how they felt they did? Especially with CARS

    I felt pretty good on 3 out of the 4 sections on the MCAT, but I felt awful about CARS, I had been averaging around a 125 on CARS previously and I am mostly applying DO, but did anyone feel they completely bombed CARS or other sections but then they got a score completely different than they...
  6. cherryblossomsgalore

    More CARS Practice?

    Hello, So I finished all of the CARS QBanks from the AAMC, what are some recommendations for more CARS practice? I planned to redo the CARS QBanks again but at a later time when I forget them lol
  7. TheHound

    Thoughts on Nextstep CARS 108

    Just wanted to find out what people think of this book ? Anyone who has used NextStep 108 and subsequently written the MCAT or can compare to the 2 available AAMC practice tests? Personally, I find the passages too dense and the questions vague.. Score significantly higher on both TPR and EK...
  8. O

    (DESPERATE) Practice Books and Question Banks

    Hey Guys, I'm the new kid lol. I am traditional "self-preper". Currently, I am transitioning from the studying to the practice phase and wanted to know what practice books and question banks are most useful prior to taking FLs? Practice Books EK 1001 (OLD MCAT) Question Bank Gold Standard...
  9. D


    Just got my April 23rd scores back! Breakdown: 128 chem/phys 121 cars 125 bio 128 pysch/soc Total: 502 Currently thinking about a retake July 22. That will give me roughly 8 weeks or 2 months till test day. Planning on applying this cycle Fall 2017 admissions. Will need to focus on...
  10. L

    13 Days to improve CARS

    Hi everyone, I made a SDN account solely to ask for advice on CARS. I seem to be spending 5-6 minutes reading the AAMC passages - they are so long! I try mapping the passage quickly, which helps me understand author's intent and meaning better but it does decrease my speed. I would appreciate...
  11. H

    AdaptPrep Verbal Practice

    Has anyone used AdaptPrep for CARS? If so, would you recommend it?
  12. burritobowl60

    No improvement in CARS

    I have been painstakingly preparing myself for this section of the MCAT to no avail. I have been doing 2 practice passages daily for about a month and a half and my score has not improved. I may be dyslexic or something because Im unable to recognize the theme/tone/rhetoric of what the author is...
  13. ambitiousMED

    CARS suggestions

    Hi everyone, I am doing really bad on CARS Kaplan practice passages (missing around 26 questions)!!!! I was wondering if you all can give some tips and suggestions to reduce that number to 17 or 20 missing questions. I usually run out of time by the last passage, so any tips in approach such...
  14. RockMcat520


    Hello Everyone, I finished all the CARS section on the AAMC previous exams (pre-2015). I am saving the Q-Bank, section bank, the practice test, the sample test for later since I will be taking the MCAT on May 6th. Based on previous experience, Do you guys think LSAT official verbal tests are...
  15. C

    How concerned should I be about CARS?

    Hello everyone! I am hoping to get some feedback on how I am doing on CARS because it is beginning to worry me a little bit... I have taken 10 CARS tests by Kaplan and NS and have scored pretty much 125 on every single one. I also am practicing with the EK 101 passages book. I am doing a...
  16. Ad2b

    A CARS Passage Pick-Me-Up :)

    I work for a very large group of lawyers (commercial, civil and one lonely EEOC) along with all the paralegals, contract specialists, contract admins, and my boss, who is the chief legal beagle. For kicks and giggles, I wanted to get their thoughts on a CARS passage from Kaplan. Bar none...