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  1. jonathon doe

    Case Western PBL

    I just got accepted at case western dental school and have a few questions for current students. 1. What is the PBL like? How many hours a week is it and what days is it on? 2. What is the D1 schedule like at case? 3. what is the traffic like to get downtown? How long does it typically take?
  2. Yams_

    LOR - Science Faculty & Nontraditional Path

    Hello! As I've posted before, I'm a nontrad pre dent. This means I am scrambling to finish my prerequisite courses ASAP, which of course are pretty much science classes (I did the others in undergrad). My school does not offer committee letters so my only option to apply to CWRU is to have 2...
  3. I

    Case vs. Stony Brook (OOS)

    Hi everyone I am really struggling between Case and SB since they are both really good schools and have the same cost of attendance. Will be so grateful for any opinions! For me: If possible, I hope to specialize, preferably OMFS I enjoy big city life I am international and diversity is...
  4. D

    Requirements and Questions for Students at Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine

    Hi! I was recently told that Case Western is changing a lot of things in their dental school. I'm really considering this school so if anyone can help me out with these questions, that would be wonderful! 1.) What are the clinical requirements for graduation? Number of crowns, restos...
  5. S

    Case Western Reserve Interview Day Rooming

    Hey anyone has an interview at the Case Western on August 22nd to 23rd and want to split the rooming fee? I have a room at Courtyard Marriot Cleveland University Circle, two queen beds. This, I believe, is the closest location from the Dental School and its only 4 minutes (.2 miles) away from...
  6. A

    Need a place to stay during your CWRU interview?

    If you have an interview at Case Western Dental School and need a place to stay, please check out this website http://casedelts.weebly.com/interviewer-room.html There are two dental students from each year leaving in the house that could answer any questions you might have. They could also...