cash practice

  1. Brownskinladae

    Best location for private practice in the DMV?

    Hello everyone, I am planning to start a private practice in the DC, Maryland, or Virginia area. I am undecided about whether to start a fee-for-service or insurance-based practice. I am leaning towards trying my luck with fee-for-service initially. It would seem that I would need to find an...
  2. J

    What are some ways to advertise a solo psychiatry practice?

    What are some ways to advertise a new cash-only solo psychiatry practice? Where do most people practicing in that setting get their patient referrals?
  3. DaveMillerDPT

    Building a Cash Practice

    Updates on the process of starting my own cash practice. I was asked to offer up what I know about starting a cash practice. For any interested, I invite you to ask any specific questions you might have. I will answer them as the come in. This may be the best way for me to tackle the subject...