1. Menaisnassuos

    2021 CCM fellowship application

    Hi everyone, I’m a CA2 that is applying soon to anesthesia critical care fellowship. It seems there aren’t much information about the programs online. I tried to reach out to several programs and they all paint a very good picture about schedule and experience which might not be totally true...
  2. K

    Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship 2020-2021 ACCM

    Hey all, Just wanted to get a thread started for all of us applying right now. Feel free to share any info you have on programs! Anyone interview at UPenn, UCLA, Michigan, OHSU or Vandy yet? Have limited time and I can't interview at all of them, so I was wondering if anyone had any feedback...
  3. student-of-life

    CCM / Anesthesia Lifestyle

    Hi, I'm a student interested in the blend of CCM and Anesthesia. I'm hoping some attendings can shed light on: Scheduling - My impression is that one will generally do one week in the ICU and then 3 weeks in the OR. However, I'm also under the impression that pure CCM attendings generally have...
  4. S

    Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship 2019-2020

    Hey all, as the SICU fellowship application opens it would be useful to have current and past fellows comment on the rigor and schedule of their prospective program. Also, I would be interested in prospective job offers or current jobs, like benefits, compensation, etc. Did you get a job during...
  5. K

    IM-CCM Burnout/Job opportunity questions

    DISCLAIMER: I bolded what I would consider the nuts/bolts of my question, if you feel inclined to add your two cents but dont want to read a long thread haha. Hello, I am a PGY1 IM intern thinking about IM-CCM. I originally was considering CCM-Pulm, but every time I do any form of outpatient...