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  1. G

    DAT Retake - already used bootcamp so now what do I do

    Hi! I took the DAT back in August (scored an 18 AA) and am now prepping for a retake. I used bootcamp before and did all ten practice tests multiple times sooo I don’t really want to use bootcamp again, since I think I’ll remember the questions and it’ll be ineffective. I already purchased PAT...
  2. nbantz

    2019 OAT Experience

    Hey everyone! I read a lot of these OAT experience threads from the past and they were super helpful for me, so I figured I would make one too! If anyone has any specific questions please let me know. I plan on applying this upcoming cycle for the class of 2024! I took the OAT yesterday (June...
  3. T

    OAT Experience 9/8/18

    Hey everyone, I decided I would write about my experience to hopefully help somebody out. I definitely got some good information from these threads so I hope I can pass some of that along. I took this test twice so I will start with my first attempt. First OAT Test (6/1/18) Preperation: I...
  4. F

    DAT Study HELP

    i recently pushed my exam back 3 weeks and am struggling to figure out what to do: I originally went through all of Kaplan and then bought Bootcamp just before the exam. After taking the first five Bootcamp full lengths, my TS was averaging to about a 19-19.5, so I decided to push my exam back...
  5. B

    Myspeed for Coursaver

    Does anyone know how to watch chad's videos from coursaver at a faster speed? I know we have to download myspeed and use foxfire on the mac which I've done and did the free 7 day trial for. However, my trial is up and I would really like to avoid having to pay $30 just for one month of studying...
  6. A

    DAT In a Month...Best Study method?

    Whats up guys! So my DAT is roughly in 35-40 days and I want to know whats the most effective way of tackling the last month? During the first Month and half, I used Chad's videos, Cliff's AP, and Math Destroyer. Now I have started DAT Destroyer and plan on running through it at least once but...
  7. collegebraceface

    DAT Breakdown! AA:24

    Hey there! Just took my DATs today and I wanted to share my thoughts and personal experience before I happily forget about it all. My Scores: PAT: 22 QR:23 RC:21 Biology: 26 GC: 22 OC: 27 TS: 24 AA: 24 Study Time: 7 weeks...consistently 8-12 hours per day. I would actually recommend 5-6 weeks...
  8. DMikes

    Chad's Videos Error

    @ 16:40 of Nuclear Chemistry Video Fastmode in Chad's Videos he wrote the attached picture on the board. Shouldn't the # of protons be 91, not 93? http://imgur[DOT]com/gallery/CJ8arfD It appears that my image isn't working. Anyways, what he wrote on the board was that 238, 92 U ----> 2 alpha...