1. I

    Gen Chem on DAT for Starters

    hello everyone. What would you recommend for someone who is very weak in chemistry. I know Chads is great, but im speaking even more elementary. For example how to break up NaCl-->Na+ + Cl- , and balancing Reactions, and maybe even the nomenclature like how to name nitrATE vs nitrITE and...
  2. O

    2016 OAT Experience

    Reading about others’ experiences with the OAT on this forum really helped me so I figured I’d share my experience as well! Here are my scores from my practice tests and the actual OAT. Bio/GC/OC/RC/Phys/QR/AA Kap1 – 340/280/280/350/210/350/300 Kap2 – 340/260/200/290/240/340/280...
  3. Tastemyrage

    DAT Breakdown 25 AA 25TS

    Holy shiiiiiiii, can't believe I'm done (*literally going through withdrawals as I write this). First off let me start by saying that I am not more academically gifted than you (yes you), and if I can do it you can too. I swear. You just have to put in A LOT of hours, put up with a lot of...
  4. A


    I will be taking my DAT in about 7 weeks. I have gone through Chad's videos for the Chemistry portions and have the DAT Bootcamp.Do I need the DAT Destroyer? Or Chad's videos and the explanations on the Bootcamp will be enough? Please help!
  5. Fancy312

    "Chads Videos" turned into "Chemistry Prep"...

    Hi All, I went on to see if he happened to upload his old orgo stuff, but unfortunately he hasn't. I noticed that he posted another link on that same website titled "chemistry prep" and that its new and improved. I was wondering if anyone signed up for this new version and if...
  6. J

    Course Saver vs Chads Videos

    Does anyone know what the difference between Course Saver and Chads videos. I know that Chads only offer general chemistry but wasn't sure if it was the same, or if one is better than the other.
  7. Mavis

    Coursesaver DAT Coupon Code?

    Hi everyone! I'm about to start studying for DATs and one of the resources I planned on using was chad's videos from coursesaver (I'm aware he has his own website now, but those do not have the ochem videos due to some dispute). My friend who took the DAT used a coupon code according to Ari's...
  8. Fancy312

    Chads Videos VS Course saver ?

    Okay so I just wanted to make sure so I can study from the right videos and quizzes, can someone please verify which website to use? I am torn between:
  9. S


    Trying to open a new CHAD's Videos subscription for DAT! 25$ split half and half. Venmo is preferred. Message me!