1. Justduckyy

    Messed up Experiences

    I was testing to see if my experiences tab worked and accidentally submitted a random on because my internet is sucky and was glitching.... Is there anyway this can be deleted? I already submitted my application for schools so I know I can't change it but can the staff change it? ugh....
  2. Y

    did UW SIM form 2 get NEW updated Questions? changes?

    Hello guys I just finished taking UW SIM FORM 2 roughly 30 minutes ago. I called my buddy after and I told him how this exam only had ONE biostats question and very very very few behavioral (roughly 2 or max 3). He told me thats not possible because he remembers there was roughly 15 total...
  3. moose786

    Test Day - what are the new changes?

    Hey, I've seen bits of information on what new options are available to us during the DAT. However, I just want to compile together all the tips/warnings into one neat thread. Examples: -Can highlight during RC now. Does my highlighting carry over to the next question or is it pointless to...
  4. BPinhaMD


    http://www.usmle.org/announcements/?ContentId=177 Well for many of US, IMGs that decide to take the steps in no particular order things are getting more difficult(so to speak). because me for example luckily, took step 2 CS, before step 1 (hopefully passed it, waiting till next Wed to find out)...
  5. KoalaT

    Material no longer on the MCAT

    I've seen a lot of threads over this, but it seems the answers are still skewed. I just wanted to make a very specific list here that the SDN community could verify. These are simply the biggest (and most ambiguous) changes to the MCAT. 1) Hydrocarbons are no longer on the MCAT (Ch4 of old TBR...