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Nov 12, 2015
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I've seen a lot of threads over this, but it seems the answers are still skewed. I just wanted to make a very specific list here that the SDN community could verify. These are simply the biggest (and most ambiguous) changes to the MCAT.

1) Hydrocarbons are no longer on the MCAT (Ch4 of old TBR Ochem).
This includes:
- Physical properties (BP, MP, density) of alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes
- Reactions such as Free radical halogenation, E2/E1, Pericyclic reactions (diels-alder, etc).

Question: What about electrophilic additions? And do you agree with the statements above?

2) Momentum (1/2 Ch4 of old TBR Physics) (The other half is torque. Still important)
This includes:
- Conservation of momentum
- Types of momentum (inelastic, elastic, etc)
- All of those questions with 1 particle/object hitting another particle/object

Question: Conservation of momentum seems vital to many other physical problems. Is this right that they would take this off?

3) Circular motion
This includes:
- centripetal force, acceleration, angular velocity, angular momentum, angular acceleration, and all the relating formulas

Question: What about gravity's relation to these things? Surely there will still be orbiting satellite questions that required F=GMm/r^2. Should we just expect them to have no relation to F=mv^2/r and a=v^2/r?

I just wanted to know what y'all thought about these. There are other changes, but these seem to be topics that used to be pretty vital and intermingle with other topics still on the MCAT. Let me know what y'all think of each of these sections. Please vote in the poll.

A convenient list of additions and removals can be found here: https://www.mcat-prep.com/mcat-topics-list/